Do you rely on online travel agencies to send you bookings and then have to fork out 10%-30% commission? If so, Tiny Bookings is here to help! We build and maintain your website with online booking platform and online marketing for free. We only charge a modest 6% commission on any bookings made via the website, so the plan is that we actually save you money!

The pricing really is this simple:

  • No setup costs
  • No ongoing costs
  • No hidden costs
  • 6% commission on direct online bookings

To see how much you could save with Tiny Bookings, see the savings calculator below.

Savings calculator

1) Adjust these details to suit your business

{{displayCurr('price')}} per night

2) Check your savings

Without Tiny BookingsWith Tiny Bookings
Commission paid per room per night
? Tiny Bookings charges a modest {{tbCommission}}% commission. {{savingBookingText}}
Agency and website fixed costs
? We don't charge any initial or ongoing fixed fees. We also don't charge for building, hosting or maintaining your website!

This could save you hundreds on web hosting alone.
{{displayCurr('otherCosts')}}{{currency}} -
Yearly savings of up to
? We cannot promise every single guest books via your Tiny Bookings website, but getting as many guests as possible to book directly is our ultimate goal. This number shows the total amount we can potentially save you.
no savings{{displayCurr('savingTotal')}}
Your own custom website
Integrated online bookings
Online marketing and SEO

Please note that these calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Actual savings depend on a large range of business-specific factors.